MASTER THREAD 2023 – LA 7/14
Los Angeles

Event Overview

Limited availability to spend one day with global KOL Dr Mariano Busso.
Dr Busso is Internationally renowned for his anatomical approach to full-face rejuvenation and has taught practitioners from all around the world and at various congresses. He is an expert in:

Breaking down the complexity of facial aesthetics assessment, anatomy & techniques for all levels

Demonstrating appropriate techniques for all ages & ethnicities
Hands-on cadaver workshop with live demos
Facial assessment & treatment planning
Multi non-invasive treatments options
Avoidance of complications

Dr Mariano Busso

After years of experimenting different approaches and techniques, Dr. Busso developed the BussoLyft. This is a unique technique to get optimum lift of the face. One of Dr. Busso’s specialties is the removal of dark circles. Dark circles on most people is volume loss. The moment the hollowness is filled and the cheek is lifted, the concavity is gone and dark circles are either removed or improved. Dr. Busso has combined this technique with his distinct approach to apply threads resulting in the BussoLyft. The BussoLyft offers maximum rejuvenation by lifting structures that were brought down by gravity. This combination of filler and threads gives a unique lift that could not be accomplished with any other method unless we were discussing surgery.

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1 DAY COURSE $1999
with global Kol Dr. Mariano Busso
Busso Lyft ® creator
A unique technique to get optimum lift of the face.
Dr. Busso is internationally renowned for his anatomical approach to full-face rejuvenation.
Mar Busso, MD